Case Study: Marketing Campaign

The Challenge: Keep existing customers happy and acquire new ones

Adobe Sales and Marketing Campaign

My Role on the Team:
UX Consulting
Interaction Design
Visual Design
UI Engineering

The Demand Generation Team at Adobe needed someone to jump in quickly and take over the duties of the manager who creates e-mail campaigns and coordinates with landing page and offer page authors because the manager was going on a one-month sabbatical. With two days of "official training" (shadowing the manager), I was on my own.

There are numerous sales and marketing campaigns at Adobe, and each one has its own set of rules, special exceptions, design principles and all kinds of nuances that have to be implemented properly, or someone higher up the food chain will complain to the director, to which the manager reports.

What followed were approximately six months of never-ending unique and one-off assignments. With some campaigns, I had to deal with about a dozen other team members; other campaigns had much smaller teams but much more stringent requirements. Quite frequently, everything had to be translated into 19 lanugages (based on the American English version that I produced). Consequently, a lot of the debugging was the direct result of localization and linguistic verification – since the language experts were not developers and frequently changed HTML tags and links by accident.

As with almost every large corporation for which I have worked in the past, Adobe, too, relied on home-made solutions that were supposed to save time (in terms of e-mail processing and landing & offer page authoring). I spent a good amount of my time troubleshooting issues that were caused by a broken internal process. The art of tactful communication with team members from, say, India, Romania and Poland was very important.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to write documentation for a completely overhauled system (Adobe Experience Manager) that allowed individuals from throughout Adobe to self-publish landing and offer pages. During that time, I also made numerous UX suggestions to the development team (which consisted of two programmers). Some of those suggestions were considered and implemented.