Sr. User Experience Designer
UI Developer

Experienced UX Designer, Researcher & Prototyper

Background in UI Development and Database Programming

Aware of Browser Incomptabilities and Vendor Prefixes

UX Design Process 2020

What is Your UX Design Process?

UX (user experience) is how a user feels when they use a specific product or service. It encompasses a variety of feelings including emotion, senses, and physical interaction.

Vivint SmartHome

How to Streamline
the Sales Process

In a company with more than 5,000 fulltime employees, and more than a dozen sales organizations, it is necessary to make sure that all salespeople follow the same sales process.

Adobe Inc.

Customer Attention:
Marketing Campaigns

Adobe Demand Generation runs sales and marketing campaigns. From strategy to e-mail to landing & offer pages, the experience must appear seamless to existing and potential customers.


Higher Conversion Rates
Effective Landing Pages

BetterServers needed to convert site visits into paying accounts. Quickly! As conversion tactics changed over time, we had to watch the industry closely.

Vivint Merlin Customer Support Troubleshooting Wizard

Employee Retainment:
Troubleshooting Wizard

To keep new and existing customer support reps happy and help them improve, you must go into the field and observe what they do (and also how they do it).

“Simple is hard. Easy is harder. Invisible is hardest.” ~ Jean-Louis Gassée